Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laying the foundation

I was driving over to the neighbors house today and went pass the field that the sunflowers will be planted in this year, and guess what? I saw a cloud of dust. Somewhere in that cloud of dust was a tractor. This made me very excited! What it all means is that they are preparing the ground to plant the sunflowers! Not quite sure when they are going to get planted, but I'm betting somewhere in the next few days.
When it all gets going, I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I know I'll pay...but I can't stop myself!

The hubby has been wearing some interesting outfits lately. I guess, technically, guys don't wear "outfits," they simply wear "stuff." This is the stuff I caught him in today, so I quickly grabbed my camera, and followed him out the door:
"What do you think you're doing with that camera?"
"I'm just interested in documenting this strange clothing choice you've made today."
"I'm going to be working inside the shop completely covered in my leather welding suit. This will keep me cooler."
"Where did you get that sexy sleeveless t-shirt?"
"I found it in a locker in the shop. I think it belonged to Brian (a former worker)."
"That's interesting. Would you make a muscle for me? I'd love to see you utilize that shirt to it's full potential."
(he laughs...then this:)
"Thanks, honey! That's going to look wonderful on Face Book."

"You post these on Face Book and you are going to pay!"
"OK. I won't post them on Face Book." (laughing but trying to look serious)
"Pinkie swear!" (I extend my index finger.) (laughs) "That is not your pinkie!"
"OK, OK! I swear!" (extends pinkie)
"You do know that you WILL pay."
"Yes, I know." *giggle*

Now I'm going to go and look for some cheap airfares. I wonder how far I'll get on $20?"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's not exactly the pits!

Our little cherry tree was ready to be picked, but I had a problem. I didn't want to go out, by myself, and be subjected to swarms of massive mosquitoes and ravenous deer flies. I wanted others to enjoy that wonderful experience with me, so I enlisted help.
I forced my daughters to help me. But when one of them started bleeding from a
wound in her leg, I let her run up to the house, tend to the wound, then made her come back and be the photographer for the evening's festivities. (Do you like my ballet method of reaching into the middle of the tree? I thought it necessary that I combine Pilates moves with the fine art of cherry picking.)
Our photographer seemed to be really enjoying herself trying to take as many pictures of her sister's backside as she could. (Believe me, she took hundreds...) She giggled the whole time.

I got wise and decided to use the hubby's pickup truck for a ladder. It worked quite well, despite all of the "junk" in the bed that I was tripping over. One of my wiser moves wasn't wearing long sleeves. It was super hot outside, and the bugs didn't even decide to show up.
"Momma? What are you doing?"

"Momma! You're scaring me!"
"Ok. For a massage, I'll do just about anything..."

"even smile at my annoying little sister."

My eldest and I admired some of our hard work.

Then she decided that it was time to make the photographer suffer a little bit...
as only a bigger sibling knows how.