Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What may crop up...

We love to have people come out and take pictures of the sunflowers. Half the fun is seeing where some of the pictures will crop up. This came in the mail yesterday. It was sent by my Alma matter...The University of Kansas. Looking at the picture, I noticed the pretty sunflowers. Then I noticed that is was very definitely our field.

Our field is too popular to hang out with the likes of us. Over the years, it has been on the cover of the Lawrence phone book, on posters, in photography books, in calendars, picked up by the associated press for newspapers, in popular magazines, on TV...local and national. It is clearly too good for us now. I hope it remembers us when it gets too big for it's britches!


  1. Well, your fields got me in the front page of
    "The Lawrence Journal-World".
    My boss gave me a copy of the newspaper saying it was a slow news day in Lawrence for them to put me on front page ;-)
    Here is the online link to the same story

  2. I do remember that photo! Richard Gwin (the photographer) has achieved frequent flier status in our sunflower fields. Glad he caught you that day! I was so happy he captured someone wearing an orange shirt! (It looks so good next to sunflowers!) :)

  3. We are looking for a sunflower field for our daughter's senior pictures. A friend told me about your website. I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs this morning. Do you plan to plant the sunflowers again this year? If so, would it be possible for our daughter to get her picture taken in the field? Thanks so much for capturing small town Kansas. We live about 30 miles north of Lawrence. So it feels like you are capturing "home" for us too! The Devineys

  4. Shawna, We allow anyone to come out and take pictures in the field, so your daughter is welcome to have senior pics taken there. We will be planting sunflowers in the next couple of weeks...just waiting for the ground to dry out. They usually aren't blooming until August sometime, and we can never give an exact guess as to when. If you check back on this blog, when they are planted, I will start doing regular posts on their progress. Thanks for checking in.