Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good Fences

On a grain farm, we're not exactly about building fences. No cattle to keep in, so fences are kind of "bothersome."
Equipment can get too close and then you have a problem, or (more likely) lots of trees start to grow in the fence line, and that's also a problem.

Although I wouldn't know first hand, I imagine taking down fences is easier than removing hundreds of trees.

Goin', goin', goin',
keep that pace a strollin',
barbed wire needs a rollin',
(sorry, I apologize.)

Ted was getting ready to cut this field of beans (nope, still not done with harvest), but the fence was keeping him from getting the header on the combine through the gate. The opening was made for a truck and possibly a trailer, not a combine. It had to go!
Poor farmer Ted had lots of poked fingers that night, not that he complains. He's not a complainer...unless it comes to splinters!

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