Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day...a Love Story

On this Valentine's day, and every Valentine's Day, I can't help but think about my parents. After all, they were married on Valentine's Day. It was my dad's idea.

This is the face of a true romantic!
My parents met when my mom's girlfriend called her brother and said: "Get over to my house right now! You need to meet this girl!" My dad showed up returning a that he hadn't borrowed in the first place! The short story is that they met, fell in love, and decided to marry.
My dad, the romantic, wanted a big wedding...on Valentine's Day. My mom, the practical one, wanted a little wedding...NOT on Valentine's Day. They, of course, compromised. They had a little wedding on Valentine's Day. The romantic got what he wanted... The practical one got what she wanted... Each other!
This is my parents opening their wedding gifts. (My dad was 1 foot 3 inches taller than my mom. He isn't standing on a box!)
I'll try to keep this brief:
They we're madly in love. They had 4 children in 8 years. He left her love notes and cards (that she still has) in places where she would find them. His lunchbox was a frequent depository of these little love morsels. They were happy.
Then dad got sick. It was cancer and nothing could be done. He died at the age of 33 leaving my mom a widow with 4 kids age 10 and under. I, the baby, had just had my 2nd birthday.
But the love story doesn't end there. Mom never re-married. She never so much as went on a date...not that she wasn't asked. I've asked her, over the years, why she never re-married. The practical one, turns out, is really the hopeless romantic. She simply has never fallen out of love with the man she married.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
May you have love to last a lifetime!


  1. Wow. Amazing story about your parents. True love indeed :)

    I came back to your website so I could keep it for my records when sunflowers are blooming this fall and come out for photography. Stumbled across this lovely post of yours.

  2. A true love story, one that I can totally identify with. :)

  3. Kris I just read your story and I am at a Loss for words I am sorry you kids lost you dad at such a young age and from what I have experienced from being around your family you are all the best hearted people I have ever meet in my life truly and in this day and age it give people hope to find there soul mate for life again I am truly glad I know your family and peace and love be with your family and ahve a great valentines day Farm Girl