Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diggin' Ditches!

Yesterday evening, we had a great wind blow through that brought a lot of rain with it. It decided to dump it all at once...sideways! Nothing too unusual about that. This is Kansas! Extreme weather happens all the time here. Furnace on in the morning, air conditioner by the afternoon.
After most of the rain dumped, Ted went to drain puddles. He can get in the field to plant faster if he doesn't have to wait for "small lakes" to dry up on their own. He had drained most of the water by the time I showed up with my camera. (I had supper to get done.)

This is the water that has drained off of the field and under the street, where it will meet up with a creek.

We still got more rain later on, and we had lots of lightening...even as Ted was working.

His faithful dog Buddy was trying to help out by digging a few holes of his own.

Ted decided to unplug this drain since the water was just about to go over the top of his parent's driveway. Then lightening struck. Close. Really close. And Ted has kind of used up all of his "get out of jail free cards" where lightening is concerned. So he immediately threw his hoe in the back of the truck and decided it was time to call it good.

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  1. Maybe I could send my 3 hole digging dogs out there to help!