Monday, May 31, 2010

A Fashion Statement

We got 3 tenths of an inch of rain last night. That means that Ted actually got to sleep in this morning! Well...sorta. He got to sleep in as long as his phone wasn't ringing. By the third time it rang (before 7...on Memorial Day, no less) he decided to get out of bed and answer the dadgum thing. Being that it is a holiday, but Ted still has to work anyway because 3 tenths of rain is enough to let you sleep, but not enough to let you have a day off, Ted decided to dress "office casual" today.
Jean shorts! And, yes, those would be his everyday work boots. Sexy, ain't it?
"Honey, that is one gorgeous lookin' outfit you've got there! Would you make a leg for me?"
Oh! So much better! (At least he has really nice legs. Justifies the whole ensemble.)


  1. That's how he gets truckers to pick him up when he breaks down on the highway. hahahaha! (Although he should have pulled the leg of the shorts up ever so slightly.)