Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The sunflowers are having problems! Like all of our other crops this year, they just had a hard time coming up. We don't have a very good stand. The problem this year was that just after Ted planted them, they got poured on. Then it immediately got really hot and dry and caked the ground over.

This should be a picture of green rows starting to fill out. Instead, it's just sad.

Here we have some that came up a bit better, but still not fantastic.

The ones that did come up vary in height. They are 4" tall on average.

To add insult to injury, the bugs seem to be quite hungry this year.

Ted has replanted quite a few acres. The lines you see in the soil will (hopefully) be new rows of sunflowers. They are patiently waiting for some rain.

A few are starting to pop up here and there. I hope more will soon follow.

These two seem to know that it's going to be a tough life, and have decided to stick together.
I'm guessing the first sunflowers will be blooming 1 month from now. (That's August 20th.)


  1. I have looked EVERYWHERE & I cant find the directions to your sunflower feilds again. :( Please help!!! I want to bring my daughter out to take a summer picture again this year.

  2. Kris, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I'm looking forward to coming out and taking photos this year! Your blog is wonderful! Love the photos, the recipes, and your commentary on 'farm life'. Thanks for sharing it all with us!!

  3. Hey all! I will post the directions to the sunflowers soon. I've been out of town and just got back last night. I need to go take some newer pics of the sunflowers in progress. They are about 18 inches tall now...mostly. :)

  4. Do you think you will be able to give us an ETA, or should I say, ETB? I have about a hundred people or so I want to invite :)