Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going downhill...

Overall, the sunflower field is starting to look a little scraggly. The first flowers to open are now plump with seed, and looking at the ground.
The flowers that were part of the "re-plant" are just starting to open up.
It's unusual to see sunflowers side by side in two completely different stages of development, but that's what we have this year.
These former beauties are now huge with seed.

This baby has yet to open up. So much life ahead of it...well, a couple more weeks, anyway.

This is my favorite stage, if you haven't guessed from all of the snapshots. I just love how hopeful they look when they are just opening up.


  1. Kris, my girlfriend and I took a trip out to your lovely field this past weekend and I just wanted to leave a note to say how awesome of an experience it was. As a hobbyist photographer, I took my camera out and got some great images. Here's one you may enjoy that is inline with your blog post's title:

    We found two flowers that we wanted to keep (one saturated with seeds that we're attempting to roast tonight!) and left the proper donation in what we believe to be the proper box! :) Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for us to step out of our 8-5 work week shell and experience some grounding!


  2. Ian, thanks so much for the link. The photo is wonderful! I'm really glad that you enjoyed yourselves...even though the field is no longer at its prime.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. Are there any sunflowers left?

  4. Erin, thanks! The field is completely green now. No blooms whatsoever. All of the flowers look like the middle picture above: big heads heavy with seed, dried up or no petals.