Monday, January 31, 2011

What's in a Tree?

Ted's mom and dad's house was recently featured in Lawrence Magazine.  The gist of the article is that they used all native lumber off of our own farm in the finishing process.  The floors, the woodwork, the cabinets, etc., were all made using what we had on hand.  If you remember from a previous blog that we fell our own trees and then we hire a portable saw mill to come in and saw up the logs.  The boards then get stacked for drying and when we feel the need to make something pretty, it's there.  
If you'd like to see the article and get a glimpse of the house and see what logs like these can become,
click here.  You'll have to scroll to page 12 where the article begins
(or 15 if you go by the toolbar at the top.). 
It's called "Farming Elegance."  For those of you wondering, we don't just cut down trees.  Ted's dad, Jim, plants lots of trees, acorns, and seeds.  (Acres of them!) 

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