Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally some rain!

The sunflowers, which were planted on May 30th, have not had one drop of rain...until yesterday.  Almost two inches of rain fell on the field!

Despite the fact that the sunflowers have had no rain (up until yesterday) and many days of over 100 degree weather, they have sprung up to about three feet tall.

Sunflowers really do grow despite terrible conditions.  Right now, our corn crop is looking like it could be a total loss.  Hopefully the rain and some predicted lower temps (90's instead of 100's) will help the soybean crop.  As for the sunflowers, they should bloom in August sometime.  I do seem to keep up with posting more on Face Book so if you want to check in there, just search "Grinter Farms" and "like" us.   

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