Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunflowers Update

The sunflowers are now about a foot tall.  Some, however, are considerably smaller because the seeds are still sprouting that didn't come up earlier.  When you plant the seeds and they get zero rainfall, they sprout according to how much moisture is in the soil.  The ones in the driest soil are taking much longer to sprout, but, incredibly, they are still sprouting.  We are still waiting for a rain to come!

Our best guess for bloom time is still the end of August.  They are usually only in bloom for a couple of weeks depending on the weather.  Last year, we had a run of 17 days over 100 degrees, so they only lasted a week.  We hope to not get a repeat of that this year.
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  1. Hello! Your farm looks lovely and it's coming time to take my senior pictures. If it wouldn't be a problem I would love to take some with your gorgeous sunflowers as the backdrop! As far as when they will be in full bloom and such you can contact me at if this will not be a problem. Thank you for reading!

  2. I drove out today and couldn't find anything. Are they blooming yet? Are they in the same area as last year?