Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls and Migraines

Back in the day, I used to get migraines.  I still get them, but as I've aged, I've learned a thing or two about controlling them so they don't frequent my brain nearly as often.  But anyway, this post isn't about killer headaches so much as it's about cinnamon rolls.  How these two things link is that when I used to get a lot of migraines, I would wake up in the middle of the night and dose myself with caffeine...the only thing I've ever found that actually works on my migraines.  Well, when you are up in the middle of the night, completely jacked on caffeine (and just one cup of coffee will do it for me), what is there to do?  Of make cinnamon rolls!  Yes, for years the sweet smell of cinnamon in the morning could only mean one thing to my family:  "Hurray!  Mom had a migraine!  Aren't we lucky!"  I have no idea what first inspired me to make cinnamon rolls, but I did.  And I've made them every time since then.  The cinnamon rolls became a celebration of me surviving yet another headache.  (And if you've ever had a migraine, you know that me calling them "just another headache" is a pretty ridiculous statement.)  

Well, last night I had a migraine.  I went to bed with it and still had it this morning.  Guess what?  Yup! Cinnamon rolls this morning!  I strolled on over to my favorite recipe site and used the recipe for these cinnamon rolls.  All I need to do now is whip up some cream cheese icing, make myself yet another cup of French Press, and I'll be good to go.  (My rolls look a little naked without icing.)
Tip: When my house is a bit chilly, I put my rolls on a heating pad set to low and covered with a towel to raise.  Makes the process go a bit faster.
I feel like I could conquer the world this morning.  (I have no doubt that that's the caffeine talking.)  I wish you all a fantastic, blessed day full of love and cinnamon rolls...but without the migraines!
I'm currently eating my 2nd cinnamon roll.  While making the icing, I realized that I wanted it to be "cream cheesier" (is that a word?) so I swapped half of the margarine for cream cheese.  You really can't go wrong with more cream cheese.  Just sayin'...


  1. Hi Kris, do you have an email address I can ask you a question at? Thanks!

  2. I was wondering how many sunflowers you have available for sale? I'm having a wedding in July and am on the search for some Kansas sunflowers. Thanks!

  3. Anon, Our sunflowers usually bloom for only two weeks and not until sometime in August. Best wishes with your wedding! Congrats!

    1. Ok, thanks for letting me know!

  4. Kris, I will be getting married in August on my birthday actually, and wanted to know if you would allow my fiancee and I to take photos with the sunflowers, and also to grab some for our wedding :) if possible can you email me?

  5. Kylee, Sorry, I don't have your e-mail address. You are welcome to take pictures of the sunflowers and to grab some for the wedding...if they are blooming. They are usually blooming sometime in August, but we can't predict exactly when. (The flowers last 2 weeks tops.) If you want to follow the progress on Facebook, just "like" Grinter Farms. I keep daily posts on there about their progress after they are planted. Good luck, and congratulations on your wedding!

  6. Reading this is making fresh cinnamon rolls sounds like something I need in my life right now, the pictures are so tempting. I have found coffee to be quite effective on my migraines too. It's sad the side effect is being too wound up to sleep while fighting a massive headache but I now have a project for next time.

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr Koziol

  7. Those look so delicious. I have never attempted to make cinnamon rolls before but I might just have to try. I actually went to get some from the grocery store the other day. But I have found that the homemade cinnamon rolls always test the best. They are a lot fluffier and lighter and maybe a little creamier as well.

    Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center

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  9. Pillsberry cinnamon rolls give me a migraine

  10. I was just researching if anyone else gets headaches from eating cinnamon rolls I know it's the cinnamon rolls because we only have them on Sunday and every Sunday by the time I get home from church my head is killing me. Obviously Pillsberry cinnamon rolls are not your homemade ones.