Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now that's HOT!

We are required, by law, to burn certain fields. Ted is always happy to comply...he's a pyromaniac. It usually goes like this: Ted drives along in the Gator with his flame thingy (that's a technical term) and leaves a line of burning grass.

He's always very careful to pay attention to which way the wind is blowing. It's kind of important.

This native grass burns fast...and HOT!

His dad is following in Ted's truck putting out the fire that is going against the wind. That keeps us from inadvertently burning the woods down. (Ted's dad likes trees...that's another story.)

Did I mention that this is really HOT? (It's hot!)

This is the "big hose" that Ted uses to help put out the fire. Huh huh! I said "big hose." (It's basically an electric squirt gun.)

Sometimes, the wrong thing happens! The wind did NOT cooperate. It switched directions! This would be an "Oh crap!" moment... Ted's dad is on the wrong side...

No problem! He'll just drive THROUGH THE FIRE to the other side!

Then he'll drive between the fires and tackle it that way. (Did I mention that this is Ted's truck? Hmmm....)

Ted hops out of the Gator and I follow him snapping pictures while trying to remember to not run over him.

The Gator needs a refill. They pump the last of the water from the truck. Ted's dad has to take off to get more water, so he'll leave Ted to fight this on his own, for now.

No matter how unpredictable burning off a field is, one thing that you can always count on...Hawks LOVE a fresh burned field!

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