Monday, March 30, 2009

Smokey says: "Only you can prevent forest fires!"

Nope. Not low clouds. That's smoke. (And my house sitting in the middle of it.) On today's list was to burn off the "north pasture." No, we don't have cattle, but we do have pasture. This ground is only good for growing rocks, and sledding if we get enough snow.

The pasture sent up an impressive amount of smoke. Some people told us they could see it from the next town. That's impressive!

Sometimes, something catches fire that you really didn't want to burn. We kind of forgot about this brush pile. It wasn't hurting anything and Ted's mom happens to like brush piles. They make nice habitat for wildlife. This picture would make her sad.

Oh crud! Really didn't mean for this to happen! I'm fairly sure this is (was) a shag-bark hickory. Several other trees caught fire, too. That makes me sad. But, being a "half glass full" type...I have to ask: "Wiener roast anyone?"

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