Monday, April 27, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere...

We have had rain, and more rain. And tornadoes that mercifully stayed about 3 miles to the south of our house. Ted should have been in the field sometime last month. He's not getting in anytime soon. Last night, we got another 2 1/2 inches of rain. That came after 1 1/2 inches the night before, and so on...

Many of our fields look like this. Creeks are out. The water will probably go down quickly, but it will leave a waterlogged mess that will take time (who knows how much?) to dry out.
Last years corn stubble should not look like wetlands.

Add a couple of white egrets and it does look like the wetlands.
This yellow drain tile should be about a meter above ground.

This water is actually running over a road.

But it could be worse! This debris is from Saturday's tornado. It took out several barns in the area, thankfully sparing lives.
(photos courtesy of Ted)

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  1. did you know that you can click on the pictures to view them larger? Well...most of the time it works.