Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Guess what the mailman brought?

We received a delivery today. It wasn't unexpected. We've been waiting for quite some time.

Can you guess what's in the package?

Aren't they cute? Baby chicks are always cute! These are barred-rocks.

This is their new home for a couple of weeks...a Rubbermaid container. We keep it in the "nursery." That's what we call the fenced off portion of the chicken coop. We have to keep them separated from the big hens because some of them would not be nice to the babies. They might consider them dinner.

Speaking of hens, this is what they look like when they grow up. We like them because they lay lots of pretty brown eggs, and because they are pretty gentle...as far as chickens go. We can actually lift them up when they are sitting on a nest, collect the eggs, and lay them back in the nesting box without getting pecked.

The babies arrived hungry and very thirsty. This one (I'll call her "Bob" because that's what Callie names all of the chickens) is getting a drink.

This is a fun trick. If you pick up a baby chick and hold it closer to the warming light...

it immediately falls asleep!

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