Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunflowers and a Quiz

The sunflowers have had a few showers...something they normally don't get.
Quiz time: How has this moisture affected them?
Answer: Honestly, it's not been good! Some of the sunflowers have simply drowned. They are not plants that usually require much moisture. That's why they are such a great Kansas plant...they like it DRY!
No fear! We still have plenty, and if all goes well, the field will be beautiful.
The sunflowers are now about 4 inches tall.
They really shoot up in the heat and sun so that's what they need right now.

For 5 bonus points, can you name what kind of animal made this track in the soil?
We have tons of them around here. This picture illustrates how wet the soil has been.
Muddy, really!

This picture is a good illustration of how the seeds are planted in a kind of trough. Usually, this protects the young plant from the strong Kansas wind, and also serves to collect any moisture that they might get. (Should have planted the seeds on hills, this year.)

They're getting there. Ted guesstimates that they will be blooming early to mid September this year. That, of course, is subject to change.
Ted is going to put his money on September 12th.
We will see how close he gets. (I'm not betting anything!)

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