Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heliotropism: 101

I can hardly believe it myself, but we received more rain...2 1/2 Kansas. Unheard of! Ted dutifully went out the day before and replanted several acres of sunflowers that had been drowned by the previous rain. If no good deed goes unpunished, these new seeds will be drowned, too, as they sit in the "bottom ground." We will wait and see. I remain positive...'cause that's just how I am. Little miss "glass half full." That's me!
Now, back to the sunflowers that are up and thriving...

I went out this morning early, just for the opportunity to tell you about heliotropism. (Not really, my mother in law called and woke my lazy buns up.) But, I'll say it's just because I'm an early riser *cough, cough* and I just really wanted to show something to you. See the leaning plants? Notice how, even at this young age, they all lean towards the sun? Sunflowers are sun worshipers! Or they could just be heliotropic. That simply means that they do, in fact, lean towards the sun. No matter the time of day. That's why these babies grow so darn fast. Maximum food making capabilities!
(If you are having trouble seeing them lean, click on the photo to enlarge it.)

They are interesting to watch. Although I've only ever heard of one person to actually come out and spend an entire day watching them turn with the sun. I'm not giving up any names, but I imagine it would be kind of like watching grass grow...or paint dry...or something.
OK, back to their heliotropic qualities. (Like how I use that word with reckless I'm some biology nerd or something. Wait, I do love biology, and I am kind of nerdy...never mind!) some point, after the sunflowers are fully grown and they have had all of the sun they can take, they stop following it. They fix themselves east and simply refuse to turn their heads anymore. Like a lover who has just realized that they have gotten all that they possibly can from the relationship. (OK, that's weird.) Perhaps I need some coffee.

Check out how big these babies are now! I told you they grew fast. They have doubled their size again. (Please forgive the weeds in the photo. The field is a muddy mess again and I had to take all of the pictures from the edge of the yard. You know of my fear of muddy flip-flops.)

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  1. Kris - I am over the moon with glee that I discovered your blog! Your fields have brought so much happiness to so many in Douglas County and beyond! I have so much respect for the lives you lead. Thank you for letting the rest of us benefit from your bounty!