Sunday, May 24, 2009

Corn all in...check!

Ted finished planting the last of the corn today. Whoot! We celebrated by him taking the evening off and going out to dinner as a family...a very rare and special occasion these days. We ate at Aladdin Cafe (my favorite, and if you're ever in Lawrence, you simply must go there! Their Schwarma is out of this world delicious...but I digress...).
The next thing Ted has to do is get some spraying done and then get about 1000 acres of beans planted. We won't even begin talking sunflowers...yet.

This is one of the sprayers. I like it because it has my maiden name printed right on the front: "Hagee," only they've misspelled it "Hagie." Oh well, the hubby just can't keep away from things (or people) with that name.

This is the look I get when I say things like: "Honey, now that you have an evening off, I have a list of about a thousand things I want you to get done before tomorrow morning when you go back to work...okay?"

Just in case you are wondering, during planting season, Ted sets the alarm for 4 am, may or may not hit "snooze" until 4:30, work all day and get home between 9:30 and 10 pm. That's why an evening off is such a BIG DEAL!!!

Tomorrow, when the rest of the USA will be laying flowers on graves or maybe grilling a hot dog or a burger with family and friends, Ted will be working. As much as all of that spring rain got him so far behind in the field, I could really use for him to have a rain day right now!

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