Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fine Art of Chicken Hypnosis

My oldest loves to entertain little kids. And what could possibly be more entertaining to a kid (of any age) that to hypnotize a chicken? I assure you that the chicken in this photo is quite alright. She's just taking a break from doing what chickens normally do. My eldest accomplishes this by setting the chicken on the ground (I'm sure the hard part is catching the chicken) and then she draws a line on the ground starting at the bird's head and going around to it's side. She repeats this a few times. She can then let go of the chicken and what you have is one hypnotized chicken and a crowd full of elated children. Great party trick! I promise that the chicken snaps out of it with absolutely no damage whatsoever. Well, maybe a wounded ego, if it could remember...
Other people have different ways of hypnotizing chickens that are just as effective. (They must be pretty easy to hypnotize!) Bird brains! *Disclaimer* (The girl you see in this photo is a professional and you should not attempt to try this at home.)

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