Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy Cow!

Do you remember that on July 8th, I took this picture:
OK. I won't kid myself into thinking that it was important enough for you to register when I took a photo, because I didn't even remember when I took this photo and I had to look it up.
This is what the sunflowers looked like less than one month ago. Adorable! Just popping from the ground and so full of promise. An entire life ahead of them. School, prom dates, college...
Wow! Please forget I said that. I must be having a mid-life crisis or something.

Anyway, this is what they look like now:
We went on a teensy little vacation, and when we got back yesterday, the sunflowers had grown another 14 inches! They are currently 23 inches tall.

Looking good!

We can hardly believe it, but we got another inch and a half of rain while we were gone. Amazing! The sunflowers might be a little on the tall side this year. (I'm just guessing...but they are shooting right up there.) That strip that is a different shade of green in the back is soybeans. They are also looking pretty good. Their flowers, however, are nothing compared to what this field will look like. But when? I think Ted is going to be off on his estimate. He picked September 12th. (I should know better than to bet against him, but I'm thinking September 5th. Who will win the bet???)


  1. When is prime sunflower season? I would love to come up and take photos. thanks!

  2. Farmer ted is guessing Sept 12th. I'm going for the 5th. I will keep updating!