Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birds...and sunflowers!

When did winter get here? It seems like it's been cold and snowy forever. I can't remember a single green blade of grass. I can't remember leaves on trees. Since when does it snow almost daily in north eastern Kansas? Well, not in a long time...that I can remember, anyway. I guess there are a few good things about winter, like.........ummmmm......well.......birds!

I get to watch lots of birds. One of my favorite activities. And as long as I have someone who is willing to tromp through the snow and the subzero temperatures to keep the feeders full,
I'm content. (Thanks, Ted!)

Winter really brings out the beauty of the male Cardinal.

Who doesn't think this bird is gorgeous?

A Red-Bellied Woodpecker visits my feeder to sample the local offerings.
And you would have to guess, since we grow black-oil sunflowers, that that is exactly what we are feeding them. (I have a pretty good guy that keeps my well supplied.) ;)
Lots of birds wait their turn in the tree.
There is even a Goldfinch flying in for a landing on the left.
He's kind of hard to spot so look closely.
If you click on the above picture to enlarge it, you can actually count an even dozen birds.
(If your eyes are better than need to click.)
A Junco is crashing the Goldfinch's party!

Junco's are plentiful. my mom called these "snowbirds" when I was little,
I guess because they were just as plentiful then, too.
How did he get back in a shot? At least he has a Junco to keep him company.

The birds don't seem to mind the thorns on this Washington Hawthorn that the hubby keeps threatening to cut down. I won't let that happen!
I don't care how many lawnmower tires he has to patch. (Easy for me to say.)

The Blue Jays rival the Cardinals in looks, but they are somewhat of a bully.

When the Blue Jays hit the feeders, all of the other birds seem to scatter.
This one likes to pluck the sunflower seeds right from the dried up heads that we saved.

A Tufted Titmouse!
There! I said it!

I put in this shot, because believe it or not, it was the only "Sparrow" shot that I got. (That's the second bird under the female Cardinal.) We are seeing less and less Sparrows.
Any ideas what this is? This back shot is not too helpful.

How about now?

It's the Kansas state bird! A Meadowlark! It's fun to see them all "puffy" this time of year.
It's also nice to see them up close. In the summer, they really have no reason to ever get this close to the house. Speaking of summer...I miss it! Are we there yet? Huh? Huh?


  1. I enjoyed these pictures so much! Gorgeous.
    The mystery bird is a Western Meadowlark!

  2. Laura, I should have you serve as consult to any bird pics I post. Your knowledge of our feathered friends amazes me!

  3. Luv, luv, luv cardinals! You're lucky to get pics of them, they don't seem to sit still very long.