Friday, January 29, 2010

My Sister and the Chickens (cont.)

The last e-mail:

Earth date 8-15-09.... Capt. Lisa reporting

All went unusually well today. Chickens were acting like freaking out around me today. Was there something in the water yesterday? Hmmmmmm..... All eggs were in pristine pecks and no crushes. (And hardly any poo to clean off as well.) I think the birds must be planning a revolt. Did I hear talking behind the coop today? Is it going to be 'chicken run' again? I knew I shouldn't have let them watch that movie!!!!! Will the chickens have the last laugh? (Or cackle?) Or do they realize that the crazy lady will officially be off chicken duty tomorrow?! (insert evil laugh here)

Capt. Lisa signing off.

See, I think, somewhere really deep down, she likes the chickens! I'll be sure to take longer vacations in the future so that she can spend more time with them...

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