Friday, January 29, 2010

My Sister and the Chickens (cont...)

The second in a series of e-mails from my sister:

Earthdate 8-14-09... Capt. Lisa reporting.

Day three of chicken duty.....went much better today. Chickens were all outside but acting skittish. I think momma bird warned the others off of me...or were predators lurking?! Noticed rubber shingle next to gate drooping...hmmmmm. Plenty of eggs today with no momma to harm my delicate hands. One egg pecked and one egg crushed under the coop. Checked the water situation... it's looking a little bleak. Must find container to get more water. Plastic water thingie empty...metal water thingie at critical level! Go to leave gated area to pursue water and look back at coop, but wait! What's this I see way beneath the coop? One egg...must not leave one soldier behind! Look around coop and find lots of big sticks (guess my trek wouldn't have been far yesterday...but I digress). Find a longish stick with a forked end. Perfect! Now to find a patch of unpooped on ground to kneel on to ferret out the unreachable egg. I manage to get down on the ground as the chickens close in on me! Will I get the egg before one pecks me, or worse yet...roosts on my back? Yikes!!! After three or so attempts, the elusive egg finally gives and rolls my way! Yesss! This egg too, is mine! Now if I can find a bucket for the dreaded water run. No chicken shall thirst under my watch! (insert evil laugh here.)

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