Saturday, August 23, 2014

Next Weekend!

The sunflowers are heading out and will be starting to bloom next weekend.  So, the weekend of Aug 30th and Sept 6 should be the two weekends to view them.  (Hopefully)


  1. Where is your farm located? Can people drive by and see? I am traveling through Kansas and would love to see sunflowers.

  2. Marriann, This is included in my most recent post, so I decided to cut and paste. (I'm lazy.) :)
    -We are a row crop farm and just happen to plant a few sunflowers.
    -We have neither business hours, nor a store front.
    -We do have a field. The closest address is 14754 243rd street, Lawrence, KS 66044.
    -The field is NOT at our house. It happens to be around a neighbor's house this year, so PLEASE be respectful and stay out of his yard. We like our neighbor and want him to continue to like us.
    -We allow people to stop at the field and take pictures.
    -We allow people to cut sunflowers if they wish. We have two "donation" boxes located at the field.
    -We do allow professional photographers access to the field. Remember that if you're making $ off of our field, a donation in the box is a lovely and much appreciated gesture.
    -If you haul it in, haul it back out. (Last year we almost combined a metal chair that was left in the field. Combines are not cheap, and being without one because of repairs during peak season is very costly.)
    -The field will (most likely) be hot and buggy. Be prepared for both.
    -There are no restrooms!!!!!!!!!!!! (It's a field.)
    Okay! Now that I think I have the rules for engagement covered, I'll just say ENJOY! (And please be careful.) A field of sunflowers truly is a thing of beauty...for about two weeks. We think next weekend (August 30th) is when that two week window will start. I'll stay in touch.-The farmer's wife.