Monday, August 25, 2014

This bud's for you

For the most part, every sunflower right now looks like this. We still can't promise that they will pop open by this weekend, but we think they will because it is just so darned hot. I'll do more updates at this point, so check back. Especially check in if you intend to make a visit. We would hate to have you make a special trip for a green field.

Some have asked for additional information about the field, so...
-We are a row crop farm and just happen to plant a few sunflowers. 
-We have neither business hours, nor a store front.
-We do have a field. The closest address is 14754 243rd street, Lawrence, KS 66044.
-The field is NOT at our house. It happens to be around a neighbor's house this year, so PLEASE be respectful and stay out of his yard. We like our neighbor and want him to continue to like us.
-We allow people to stop at the field and take pictures.
-We allow people to cut sunflowers if they wish. We have two "donation" boxes located at the field.
-We do allow professional photographers access to the field. Remember that if you're making $ off of our field, a donation in the box is a lovely and much appreciated gesture.
-If you haul it in, haul it back out. (Last year we almost combined a metal chair that was left in the field. Combines are not cheap, and being without one because of repairs during peak season is very costly.)
-The field will (most likely) be hot and buggy. Be prepared for both.
-There are no restrooms!!!!!!!!!!!! (It's a field.)
Okay! Now that I think I have the rules for engagement covered, I'll just say ENJOY! (And please be careful.) A field of sunflowers truly is a thing of beauty...for about two weeks. We think next weekend (August 30th) is when that two week window will START. I'll stay in touch.-The farmer's wife.

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