Friday, August 29, 2014

Sunflowers 8/29/2014

The field is still pretty green as of right now, but more flowers are opening up daily.

The few that are open look lovely.  We anticipate that by the end of the Labor Day weekend, the field will look pretty good.  Mid next week is when I'm GUESSING that everything will be yellow.  The sunflowers got a nice bit of rain tonight (4 tenths of an inch).  Any rain in August is a good rain.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. have a group of friends that want to join me and come look when your fields are in full bloom.

    when do you think would be a good time? I don't want to miss them but I don't want to come too since I believe it's going to take a couple hours to get there.

    I am so excited and I cannot wait!

  2. I meant I also do not want to come too early!

  3. and is there a site that gives directions to your location!?