Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr. Oz in the Land of Oz

Just over a month ago, we got a call from the friendly folks who work on the Dr. Oz show. If you don't know who Dr. Oz is, he is a heart surgeon turned famous by Oprah. If you don't know who Oprah is, I can't help you. They were looking for a field of blooming sunflowers in the KC area. It just so happened that we had one. Yay us!

They wanted to get shots of Dr. Oz's traveling "health bus" driving in front of the field. They were out the very next week with the bus. I have to commend the bus driver. He was very good! It's not an easy turn to get onto this road...if you can even call it a road. It's technically my in-laws driveway! They did 3 or 4 takes of the bus driving down the road.

The crew set up out in our soybean field to film the bus. This is Ted walking in front as they work their way back out. The beans look really good...but I digress...

The crew. Peter (the cameraman), Dustin ( he helped Peter), and Laura (the field producer). They were all very nice. Laura thought my eldest, Sidney, was future producer material. I laughed as I have much loftier dreams in mind for her, like finding a cure for cancer or something. But being a producer is pretty cool, too.

They also got some shots of the bus driving in front of the in-laws mailbox. (They provided the flag...a nice touch.) They also got shots of us waiving at the bus, holding a sign that read: "I want to be healthy, Dr. Oz!" Then for the big finale, they had Ted and I do that pose made famous by Grant Wood in "American Gothic." I hoped it would end up on the cutting room floor, but alas! It did not.

A parting shot.


  1. Want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and how great it is that I could share it with my friends in New York City, as an example of the special joys of living in The Heartland. Thank you!

  2. Very cool! I'd hoped to get out to see your sunflowers, too, but I missed the peak bloom time. Maybe next year!

  3. Hi, this is Mick the bus driver. Thank you for your kind comment on my driving!! best wishes, Mick :)