Friday, September 4, 2009

How sad is this?

Behold! Our glorious sunflower field.
Pretty darn...well, not pretty!
No problem-o! In a month or so, the birds will love it.
Let this be a life lesson to all you youngins out there:
Looks fade! It's what's on the inside that matters!


  1. How do manage to harvest the seeds without too much lost to the birds?

  2. Hi - I had a chance to head out to your sunflower field yesterday afternoon and got a couple of good photos. It was still very pretty, and I enjoyed the trip. I hope to get out there earlier next year to take some great shots. Have a fun holiday weekend!

  3. Amber, we usually don't. Our best hope is that they dry out before the flocks of blackbirds start coming through. Usually, they beat us to the punch devouring about 10 to 30 % of the crop before we can harvest them. It all depends on the weather.

    Anon, glad you got some good shots. I intend to keep the blog going so you can check back next year if you don't want to miss them. Have a great weekend yourself! :)

  4. Hi
    I'm planning to visit your farm this Monday (labor day). Is it ok for my family and friends to visit and take some pictures from your beautiful farm on that day?

  5. Deana, the sunflowers are looking pretty sad, but you are still welcome to come and take pictures. We just ask that you not drive anywhere that is not a main road as they are all private drives and we like to keep our neighbors happy. :)

  6. That's a big loss.

    I'm growing sunflowers and I was curious if there were any clever tips. I only have 12 sunflower plants and our yard is a haven for birds so I will be hoping to save some for myself and indoor parrot! :) :P

    Thanks for the response.