Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Bow Our Heads

The sunflowers have definitely seen better days. I really can't believe they've held on this long, but they are finally crying: "Enough!"

The heads are all starting to droop.

The petals are wilting and falling off.

The seed development starts from the outside of the flower head and works it's way in...finally filling in the middle. The bees that were once circling the outside are now enjoying the center.

This flower has not quite reached maturity. See how the head is not filled in in the center?

The field has entered the dog days of summer.


  1. Do you think it is too late to come for a few photos with my kids?

  2. Wish I was there! Sunflowers are my favoite, thanks for sharing. Love the post about the chicken, I call my granddaughter "The Chicken Whisperer"

  3. Ah, it looks like it'll be a bit too late to head out for some photography this coming weekend! So sorry that I discovered your blog so late in the season. Catherine V.

  4. Nice front page of the paper yesterday. :)

  5. Lori, thanks! (But they used last years photo.) The field doesn't look that good now. The field is definitely on it's way out. I posted new picks today and you can see that the flowers are wilting.

    I appreciate you all checking in. This blog was just an experiment of mine to document our farm. I'm having fun, so I'm going to stick with it.