Saturday, September 12, 2009

The way things stand

It's that time of year. The time when all of the crops are in the ground...and they look good. Really good! We've had a year full of rain and just enough sun to dry things out afterwards so that the crops don't rot where they stand. Now were are basically just waiting for things to die.

See this bean field? Those beans are actually chest high on an average sized man. That's pretty darn tall and they are loaded with beans. They are now starting to turn just a bit yellow. That means that they are starting to die. Corn will actually be harvested first, because it will be ready sooner. But when the beans are ready, we will switch the header on the combine and harvest them instead. (They are more valuable than corn and if you don't get them soon enough, the pods will shatter and you'll end up with all of your profit sitting on the ground with no way to pick it up.)

The grain bins are sitting empty just waiting to be filled. This picture was taken in February which is why the grass is brown. It's now green, lush, and in need of mowing.

This picture was also taken in February, but the sweet corn that grew here this summer has already been picked long ago and mowed off. It is now a field of weeds. Very soon, we will be busier than the bees on the sunflowers. We hope!

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