Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Happy Monday morning!
A few shots for you, courtesy of farmer Ted.

Another shot just to show you the overall progress of the field.

Ted loves bees. He seems to be bent on getting lots of bee pictures.

A Ferris wheel of bees.

A bee flying in from the north.

A bee flying away south.
Thanks honey! (Har har!)


  1. Wow it's soo beautiful, can't wait to see it this weekend

  2. Wow, these pictures are fantastic! I live in Kansas City and my husband and I have been trying to find somewhere to take pictures of sunflowers and we finally found your farm by searching online! I understand that you allow people to stop and take pictures, is that correct? Also, how long do the sunflowers stay in bloom? Is this the "peak" time to see them? We were planning on making a trip out his weekend, hopefully they will still be there :) Your sunflowers are just lovely!!! We're so excited to come out and see them!

  3. we think (hope)that they will still be lovely this weekend as that is when we are taking our family picture. The weather this week will have a lot to do with determining how long they last. Just keep checking back to this site. I've been posting daily updates on what the field looks like.

  4. After someone told me where the sunflowers were that we could take some pictures at, I realized which farmer Ted your husband is. We own 13 acres on 254th.

    We met your husband once when we first got the property, he was harvesting behind our land. What a nice fella!

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  5. Love your blog and enjoy the updates on how the fields are progressing! Will check back and see if Labor Day weekend is still a viable weekend to swing by and see the pretty fields.