Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eating His Words

Ted wants to make a formal statement. He is recanting. He's not denying what he said, he would just like to change what he said. Remember that he laid all of his money on September the 12th for a "bloom date" for the sunflowers? Well, he now wants September the 1st!!! Oh wait! He's changing his mind again. He thinks it might be before that. He thinks it might even be a week earlier than that.

So, what has changed Farmer Ted's mind and why doesn't he know any better after all of these years? Well, remember that I said these sunflowers have gotten something that they usually never get? RAIN! Lots and lots of rain. It's bizarre! Ted is usually a good predictor. Not this year. He just didn't factor in copious amounts of moisture. Now, that being said, I would like to add this:
See the toast? Yeah! That's Ted's face!


  1. We are planning a trip to Topeka over the Sept 12th weekend for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We would love to see the sunflowers on the way out or way home (we live in KC). If the sunflowers bloom earlier then predicted, will they still be in full bloom as late as Sept 12?

  2. Sunflowers, in all their glory, last only about a week. After that, they start a gradual decline towards ugliness. You will probably still see a field of blooming sunflowers, but they just won't be nearly as spactacular if you had seen them a week earlier. I will keep the progress posted on this site, and you can check in whenever you like.