Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunflowers by farmer Ted

Ted was going down to the sunflower field so I sent my camera with him. This is always a fun exercise as I get to see what he sees and he usually manages to capture a few gems.
This is some sort of bug...obviously. Have not yet identified it. I think it's a Wheel Bug.
More and more sunflowers are starting to open.

Partly cloudy today and currently 77 degrees.

A shot of the field starting to "yellow up."

Chances are good that if you come out to the field, you will see this guy. He's not at all vicious. He just happens to be yawning in this photo. He is a rather large beast. His name is Buddy Clifford and we love him very much.

This is his usual appearance. It says:
"I am too old to stand around all day, but please pet me anyway."


  1. Found out about this lovely farm through MOMS club. Was wondering if we can just come out when these sunflowers bloom to take pictures of my kids? Didn't know if it was open to the public or if you have a donation box in regards to us taking pictures.
    Kelly (email:

  2. Kelly, you are very welcome to come out and take pics of the kiddies. We do have an "on your honor" money box, but that's just if you want to take some sunflowers home with you. Enjoy!