Monday, August 17, 2009

My, Oh My!

We took a few days last week to take "one last hurrah" for the family before school starts this week. When we got back late last night, we discovered a couple of things:
1. The sunflowers are HUGE! and
2. It was raining...again.
It rained most of the night and morning. There is 4 and 6/10 inches of rain in my rain gauge.
It is Kansas. This simply should not be happening! (Not that I'm complaining.)Check out the ground near the edge of the field. Sunflowers standing in water? Huh?
Did you notice anything else? (click on pic) Yep! They are starting to bloom!!! They should be gorgeous by this coming weekend. All bets are lost as to when we thought they would bloom. The weather has simply been too much a factor to contend with this year.
If you want to run down a row of sunflowers, be prepared for them to possibly be over your head, and be prepared for your shoes to get muddy! The sunflowers are over my head but I'm kinda sorta short...5 foot 2, eyes of blue...(you can finish these lyrics). If you plan on taking pics of little Jimmy and little Annie in the flowers, bring a ladder.

This sunflower is an over achiever. Just couldn't wait on it's peers. (But I didn't want it to feel bad so I gave it 2 points of extra credit for turning it's work in early.)

This is what the overall field looks like right now. Just starting to pop. If you are the type that simply has to come out every day for a picture, you need to be here NOW!
At this point, I think I'm going to have to do a daily update on these beauties so you can keep checking back in.

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