Friday, August 21, 2009

Sleepy Heads!

I cannot believe the weather we've been having. Right now, at 3 pm, in August, we are at 75 degrees. Lovely! Gorgeous! I want more! I need more!
But the sunflowers? They don't know how to behave in conditions such as this. They are use to sweltering 100 plus degrees and zero rainfall. They usually all pop open at once, are gorgeous for about a week, and then die quickly. This year, however, they are all popping open at different times.

Here's what the field looks like today. Still more yellow, but not a sea of yellow as we would expect. I'm beginning to wonder if we will get that sea of yellow. And if we do, will it last longer? I simply don't know. The sunflowers are sluggish this year.

On the brighter side, we have these beautiful skies today.

This is the bean field directly to the east of the sunflowers.
More beautiful skies over that way, too.

Well, here we have a few sunflowers that are managing to work as a team.
Good job you guys!

Then we have a lot more like this.
Simply refusing to wake up!

Buddy didn't have too much to say on the subject.

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