Sunday, August 9, 2009

Growing Like Weeds!

A week ago, I updated the sunflower status and was surprised to see how much they had grown. Kind of like children, when you see them everyday, you take for granted that they are growing until one day you look at them, notice how big they've gotten, and think: "Holy cow! When did that happen?" Today was no exception. It was time to drag my yard-stick out to the field. (Let me explain what a chore this is as I have to walk a whole 30 yards to get there...and it's HOT! And sticky...and muggy...and buggy...and HOT!) The sunflowers don't care. They love this weather.

The sunflowers are climbing right up there. Would you say that is 42 inches or 43? (20 inches taller than a week ago!)
Here was the real shocker...
Some of them have flower buds developing! According to the "package directions," these babies should bloom on August 7th. We always have to factor in the weather, and Ted had originally thought they'd be late because of the uncharacteristically cool weather. (We had record lows in July!) Now he's thinking the excessive heat will make them early. It's a guessing game, folks!

Here's one with a bud forming. Not all of them are this far along, but since this one was, I thought it was finally a chance for a different sort of picture. Something to look at other than stems and leaves.

Now look closely! Don't be thinking that a walk through a sunflower field isn't itchy. Still, once they're blooming, it's so worth it.

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