Friday, August 28, 2009

Heading South

The field is in full bloom, but some of the flowers are starting to start their
gradual decline towards ugly.

If you want a sea of yellow, this is as good as this year will get.
It's just too bad we don't have the gorgeous skies to go with it.

Most of the flowers still look pretty good, but as the heads fill out with seed,
they become heavy and they appear as if they are looking at their toes.
(Or their neighbor's toes.)

Many are still lookin' good.


  1. Is there any way I could get some sunflower seeds when the flowers are done? I would be willing to send a prepaid box and some money if needed!

  2. We just got back to Olathe from your feild! Its GORGEOUS!! I have lived in Ks 5 yrs & Finally found sunflowers! I am a photographer & have been dying for a shot of sunflowers! I got tons of good stuff today! Thanks for just a pretty site! I plan to use some of my shots on my website.
    Jennifer Puhak

  3. Melissa, The seeds from these flowers are the black oil type sold for bird feed. They are high in oil content and not good for human consumption. If you are wanting seeds for growing sunflowers, these aren't good for that, either. They are a hybred so what comes up will be vastly different than what you planted.`I'm just assuming that you would want them for one of those two reasons. If you want them for a different reason, let me know. I'm sure I can work something out.

    Jennifer, glad you got some good shots. The flowers have held on much longer than normal. This crazy cool wet weather!!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your sunflowers and welcoming us to your property!!!